We can’t leave future generations behind in data skills

Hi all,

In the wake of World Youth Skills Day, a global initiative endorsed by the UN, debates have re-emerged about the impact of COVID-19 on the educational journey of children around the world.

We wanted to continue this conversation by addressing the role of data literacy in the future workplace. What can governments, businesses and educational institutions do better to ensure the next generation has the skills the thrive in this environment?

This is a theme explored by Paul Barth, Qlik’s Global Head of Data Literacy, in a blog post this week: https://thedataliteracyproject.org/posts/we-can-t-leave-future-generations-behind-using-data-skills-to-unlock-an-economic-recovery

As a reminder, students and educators can find out more about Qlik’s Academic Program here: qlik.com/academicprogram

For the data enthusiasts of tomorrow looking to take their first steps in data literacy, you can access our e-learning resources here: https://thedataliteracyproject.org/learn

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