Back to school – are we headed for hybrid education?

With the new academic year underway, we’ve been thinking about what the future looks like for students now that many educational institutions have adapted to teaching remotely.

Given that many knowledge-based industries have adopted hybrid working, do you think we’re headed towards hybrid education more permanently?

Whether in person or remotely, we are likely to see an increase in the use of digital tools to teach students, meaning the way data is presented could have a significant impact on the efficacy of teaching.

You can read the thoughts of Kevin Hanegan, our DLP Chair and Chief Learning Officer at Qlik, in this article: Are we headed for hybrid education? How data literacy can democratize the remote learning opportunity - Data Literacy Project (

For educators, take a look at the Qlik Academic Program to find out what support is available for those looking to integrate data literacy into the classroom: The Qlik Academic Program - Learn More

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