What does Data Literacy mean to you?

Data Literacy is a term that is undoubtedly growing in popularity. But it can mean different things depending on your life and professional experience.

“The ability to read, work with, analyze and communicate with data” is a definition often used. However, it can encompass much more than this too. Data Literacy is about the skills, mindsets and outcomes connected with finding meaning in data. Many companies invest in technology and data courses, without putting into practice the upskilling and education their employees need to increase their data literacy.

Kevin Hanegan, Chief Learning Officer (CLO) at Qlik and author of Turning Data into Wisdom, is hosting a Data Literacy Master Class starting the week of November 18th. To learn more about common misconceptions and improve your Data Literacy, you can register your interest here.

You can find out more about Kevin’s perspectives via his recent blog post: Interested in Becoming a Master in Data Literacy? Here’s how to Start.

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