Misconceptions about Data Literacy

We hear the phrase Data Literacy a lot as a term to neatly summarize a rounded data skillset, but misconceptions remain over what Data Literacy really is.

Data Literacy not only requires individuals to have various skills around data, but also a mindset for approaching data. For example, someone may have the skills to analyze data, but if they don’t have the mindset to be open to diverse perspectives, it’s a moot point.

Another common misconception is that data literacy is a one-size-fits-all approach. The level of skills required for individuals varies depending on their role, domain or industry they are working in, the size of their organization and even the stage of their career.

What other misconceptions do you think there are about Data Literacy? Read more in the blog How do you define Data Literacy? by Kevin Hanegan, Chair, Data Literacy Project Advisory Board & Chief Learning Officer, Qlik.

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