Analytic skill building with K12 school principals and district leaders

I'm interested in starting a discussion group here for anyone who works with K12 leadership. I'm in New York, so my country of interest is the U.S.

But if you are outside the U.S., let's talk. I have a hunch the comparison across national boundaries would prove interesting for us all.

Thanks ... Steve (new member, Jan 2022)

P.S. I've written a book, "Mismeasurement of Schools' Vital Signs," which Routledge will be publishing this spring.


  • Great idea Steve! I'm sure the community will find it useful to discuss how we can weave analytics into academia. Is this a theme covered in your book?

  • Yes, indeed. In fact, it IS the theme of the book. It's aimed at leadership fully. The 70+ blog posts on my company's site will give you a preview of my views on this topic.

    And here's the table-of-contents of the book for your comment.

    Preface: What Led Us to Write This Book


    Chapter 1: What is Mismeasurement and How Does It Occur

    Chapter 2: The Many Ways to Misinterpret Test Results

    Chapter 3: Misinterpreting Graduation Rates: Push-outs, Movers and Drop-outs

    Chapter 4: Gaps Mismeasured, Misattributed and Misunderstood

    Chapter 5: Mismeasurement of English Learners: Illogic Run Amok

    Chapter 6: Mistaken Ways of Measuring Money, Buildings and People

    Chapter 7: Conclusion: Reducing Mismeasurement at Its Sources

  • This sounds fascinating Steve, let us know when the book is published!

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