How can I get my manager to invest in data literacy training?

I'm really keen to do some formal data literacy training - but I'm not sure what I should say to convince him that it's a worthwhile investment for the business.

Does anyone have tips on how I can prepare for this conversation?


  • I'd start with the business benefit. You have to sell it to him or her in terms that person can understand. How will this training benefit them and or the business-at-large. Get that conversation in place, and the training should be an easy sell. :)

  • I agree 100% with the earlier comments about needing to be clear on the benefits to the business - but I also believe the best way to seek the investment of others is to demonstrate that you’re also investing in yourself. It doesn’t have to be a monetary investment: think about enrolling in some free, online training modules - or subscribing to data literacy podcasts and newsletters.

    Show your manager that you’re serious, that you can apply some of the learnings you’ve picked up through your own development - look for opportunities to learn “on the job” from someone who is more familiar or more comfortable with data - your enthusiasm and commitment to your own personal development will go a long way!

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