Resources for Grading/Assessing your organizations Data Literacy

Is anyone aware of any resources to grade/score/benchmark your organization's Data Literacy?

Thank you!



  • Hey Spencer,

    Do you mean outside the assessment here on site? Not sure if you have taken the certification exam yet, but coming from someone who just took it last week, it is not a cakewalk and definitely will give a fair assessment of a particular person's data literacy.

  • Hi,

    I had a quite similar question. I think what Spencer meant to ask (or that's at least what I would like to know) is if there is a website where the data literacy assessment is set up for the whole organization (in a private link) and where the results would be saved.

    Please correct me if I am wrong but currently only individuals can take the assessment on your site and also only those individuals see their personal result/ persona.

    I would be even interested in a solution that would lock the user's Qlik account until they have taken the assessment. Kind of like a welcome screen that blocks the view on the Qlik hub until the assessment is completed.

  • Hi @Spencer_Sobczak and @ff_2015_Jansen,

    There are ways we can support organizations to implement a tailored version of the Data Literacy Assessment. If you are interested, please contact the Data Literacy Project at [email protected].

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards, 


    The Data Literacy Project

  • Thanks for all the responses! - all of which I will look into.

    To clarify, I am looking for resources to grade the organization's data literacy as a whole - but perhaps this is impossible without testing all of the individuals? Perhaps the proper term for grading the organization as a whole leans more towards an "analytics maturity assessment" and any assessment of organization-wide data literacy requires the testing of all (or a sample) of individuals.

    Thoughts? @Shauna_DLP @ff_2015_Jansen @Brian_Maucere

  • Hi @Spencer_Sobczak,

    When I've done these in the past it tends to be a multi-week process resulting in a gap analysis assessment of where they are versus where they need to be. From there you figure out the change effort required. Companies almost always underestimate the necessary investment in change and rather focus on technology to solve their woes.

    In terms of technology-enabled literacy then a portal like Theia is a great vehicle as one of the channels of change and part of a wider approach.

    Hope that helps,


  • Hi everyone,

    @Spencer_Sobczak there are two resources I'd like to point you to: 1. if you're a Gartner client you can access their Data Literacy: Organisational Assessment which is included in their "Information as a Second Language" research. This is very much a maturity assessment tool. 2. I'd encourage you to also have a look at our work through Data To The People - we offer an organisational assessment (which is measured at an individual level and then aggregated to your organisational attributes) - you can read more here:

    Please let me know if I can be of any assistance to you in this area.



  • I am looking for the same thing mentioned here - the ability to gauge the data literacy health / score for an organization. I like the Data Literacy framework so looking to see if there is a way to utilize the individual testing here to correlate with an overall score for an org / team.

    Thank you,

    Kevin Conley

  • Hi All,

    Surely the groundbreaking work with Wharton University ”corporate data literacy - scoring firms and firm performance” has to be mentioned here?

    But I’d like to see more studies on what they started

  • Hi all,

    Having sought an organisational Data Literacy test for individuals across the organisation to do, then resulting in an aggregate view of the organisation - I’m afraid I’m yet to find one.

    I’m therefore resulting to a “if you want something it yourself” approach and building my own! I have some ideas in mind with suitable tools which enable this, tailored to individual organisations.

    I’d be happy to discuss my approach in more detail and perhaps collaborate with anyone from any other organisations who would be keen to engage on this?


    Head of Data Analysis & Insights, BCA Marketplace.

    [email protected]

  • Arriving late to the party, but Ben Jones has recently published on LinkedIn on his development of one of these instruments. He also has a well-regarded book out.

  • Also, Piyanka Jain has been studying, training, & publishing on data literacy for quite some time now. I hear good things about her consulting services. Her company is called Aryng.

  • Hi everyone,

    My data and analytics consulting team (based in Cape Town) have developed an online data literacy assessment which is designed for a group of people at a company rather than an individual. We analyse the results and then provide insights and feedback to clients. From our perspective we hope to then be able to continue to partner with a client in solving various challenges in the data, analytics and literacy space - however as part of the feedback we also hand over the raw assessment data and an interactive dashboard so that there is no lock in or obligation for any of our services.

    Please drop me a mail if you'd like any additional information.


    Principal Consultant iOCO Data Insights & Design

    [email protected] / [email protected]

  • Lots of great insights on this thread! Thought you may all like to know that Qlik has just launched its new Learning Portal, which includes a skills assessment section so you can see where your team are on their data literacy journey: You can see the whole portal here:

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