Covid-19 useful resources and initiatives

With most of our daily and professional lives impacted by COVID-19, we have found some useful resources that we think will help you not only understand the data behind news headlines, but also tips on working remotely, along with how to keep your business running. We’ll keep adding to these as we spot them.

Please feel free to share any useful and trusted resources that you think will be beneficial for others too.

Qlik’s Covid-19 community page

Qlik Luminary Joe Warbington has been through the Qlik Community and pulled together a list of data visualizations, live apps and resources that can help you understand the pandemic further. It’s a great bank of insights.

Cognizant’s guide to keeping your business going during a pandemic

If you’re a business leader, knowing how to communicate with your employees about Covid-19 is tricky. Cognizant’s guide on business continuity breaks down the importance of supporting your employees, regularly sharing the latest accurate data about the virus, as well as being transparent about how your business can respond to the situation.

Pluralsight’s WFH tips

If you’re working from home for the first time, it can be a challenging change to manage. Pluralsight has put together some tips and even offers two free courses to help you work from home effectively.

Open Data Watch’s ‘Data in the time of Covid’ guide

The current circumstances have opened up an interesting debate around the use of data, and our understanding of it. Open Data Watch have a resource hub divided into key topics and questions that can help grow your data literacy, and gain a wider understanding of how data can be used in situations like the Covid-19 pandemic.

Data Visualisation Society’s ‘Healthcare and Data’ partnership

If you’re working in healthcare and getting to grips with the latest Covid-19 data, Data Visualisation Society’s latest initiative might be perfect for you. It’s pairing healthcare workers with data viz volunteer consultants, to help them get the most out of their hospital data.

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