The UK Government's ‘Lifetime Skills Guarantee’ - what does this mean for data literacy?

Hi all,

The UK government has announced a ‘Lifetime Skills Guarantee’, offering adults without A-levels a free course, and greater access to vocational skills across the UK. The offering is in response to the Chancellor’s shifting approach to the economic impact of COVID-19, recognising that more people are likely to lose their jobs, and need to upskill to re-enter the job market.

Qlik’s Chief Learning Officer Kevin Hanegan shared his view with Information Age, arguing that its vital digital skills are a priority in the new skills package. He’s said that it’s not just about addressing the immediate need to upskill Britons, but also the long-term task of rebuilding the economy.

Do you think the UK government’s guarantee will give people the chance to improve their digital skills? How do you think data literacy can play a role for people who are looking for work or need to pivot their careers?

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