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Hi all,

We know that a lot of people here work in the education sector, so we thought it was worth letting you know about the Qlik Academic Program.

A program close to our hearts, it aims to create a data literate world and provides qualified university professors, students and researchers with free Qlik software and resources to help educate and train the next generation of experts leading with data. Check it out here: qlik.com/academicprogram

We recently posted a story about how Radford University, which is part of the Qlik Academic Program, is driving data literacy in its lessons to help prepare students for their future careers. You can read it here: https://thedataliteracyproject.org/posts/preparing-students-for-the-future-workforce-with-data-literacy

There are also some great example of students’ data analytics work in this blog from Qlik Academic Program member L'école Pratique Des Hautes Études Commerciales, here: https://blog.qlik.com/integrating-qlik-in-the-classroom-what-will-your-students-create?_ga=2.131094540.243285844.1598259658-332663075.1583846022

Are you part of the Qlik Academic Program? Or do you have any other useful education resources to share?

Let us know in the comments!

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