What are the best online resources to help teachers integrate data literacy into their classes?

Has anyone found any useful online courses they can share?


  • Great question @Kate_Baldwin! There are a few resources that I find quite useful in the education space.

    1. https://everfi.com/insights/blog/teaching-data-literacy-skills/ - Provides insight on how educators can incorporate data into their curriculum no matter the subject area. The blog focuses mostly on K-12 students.
    2. https://guides.emich.edu/c.php?g=585266&p=4042206 - Eastern Michigan University provides teaching tools and archived video presentations.
    3. http://www.mikesmit.com/wp-content/papercite-data/pdf/data_literacy.pdf - Great whitepaper on "Strategies and Best Practices for Data Literacy Education"
    4. https://vlat.herokuapp.com/ - Visualization Literacy Assessment Test. Not really a resource on integrating data literacy into the classroom but definitely a good resource to test one's knowledge on interpreting visualizations.
  • Kate - take a look at the Qlik Academic Program. Free access to data literacy curriculum and resources - with a focus on data analytics. https://www.qlik.com/us/company/academic-program

  • I've seen some really helpful training content shared online for free recently:

    https://datapractices.org/courseware/ The good folks at Data.World in Austin have created open source courseware that the Linux Foundation is hosting online for anyone who wants to teach data within their organization

    https://databasic.io/en/culture/ Catherine D'Ignazio and Rahul Bhargava have created and published a set of 10 activities that allow people within organizations to begin to have a discussion about how to create a more "data-driven" culture.

    https://dataschool.com/ "The Data School by Chartio" is "a community-driven school of free web books and content written by people who work with data for people who work with data."

    https://www.preparecenter.org/toolkit/data-playbook The "Data Playbook" is a set of 65 pieces of content organized into 9 modules, shared publicly in beta version by the International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC).

    Would love to hear of others!

  • Ben is doing some great things at his new venture, DataLiteracy.com. He offers online courses taught live by him.


  • I have heard from a post in a another forum that Bullet Journals are popular. Maybe this technique could be used to introduce visualisation to students. Visualising something that resonates with their own experiences - similar to Dear Data by Giorgia Lupi. Does anyone have a Bullet Journal? Looks like fun!

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  • Great discussion!

    Has anyone spotted any pre-school materials out there? I've definitely noted more 'tech' on show via kids TV (here in the UK at least, there is a lot more technology on CBeebies than when I was young). Maybe there are some shows on Netflix or YouTube?

    With a 2 year old at home, it would be lovely to be able to get her to improve her data literacy whilst we're teaching her numbers and the alphabet.

    It's never to early to start learning!

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