Tracking learning progress at enterprise level

We are at the start of our enterprise journey towards data literacy. As part of our planning stage we are looking at how we might track individuals journeys through the learning tracks. This is to formulate part of our measurement of progress / success of our Data Literacy program.

From what I can see there is no way of being able to get an enterprise view of progress through the free learning material on the Qlik Continuous Classroom. How are people managing and reporting against this at an enterprise level?

Interested in your experiences and recommendations.



  • This is a very, very interesting and important question. As you can imagine, there aren't KPIs that directly measure a score of data literacy. There are some proxies organizations can use:

    • Number of courses taken
    • Number of individuals who have enrolled and completed the data literacy program
    • App creation, clean-up, and usage

    Another way for organizations to measure it can come through the assessment Qlik has put on the Data Literacy Project and watching the movement/changes in those who took the course: did they have a large group from data dreamer to data knight?

    Now, that said, I do see direct measurement on the horizon. This is naturally a next step in the journey and progress of data literacy programs and initiatives around the world. The ability to measure and utilize data literacy programs, with tangible movement and work, is key.

  • In my opinion best and more effetive is to get from high level managements clear objetives and marks to achieve and then to commiy jointly also indivuduals involved on data project. First is needed a really commitment from high level management people!

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