What first steps should I take to encourage data literacy in my organization?

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Hi all, I'm keen to kick start a data literacy drive in my organization but I'm not sure how to start this - what would anyone recommend based on their own experiences? How hard is it to get off the ground?


  • Critical thinking and curiosity are the starting gates for data literacy and a great place to start! A grass-roots initiative can be as simple as asking “what data did you use to make this decision?”.

    Often we look straight to training programs and strategies when really - at the heart of it - data literacy is simply reading, writing and comprehending data, so every single opportunity we get to weave data into our thinking and decision-making is an opportunity we should treasure!

    In your day-to-day activities, start asking “what does the data tell us?”, “how is this measured?”, “where does the data come from?”

  • @susieburnett Were you able to get any interest going in data literacy? What approaches did you end up trying?

    I'm looking at a very similar situation.

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    Hey @Data_Dave, you might find this report on the Human Impact of Data Literacy useful! https://thedataliteracyproject.org/files/downloads/Qlik_Accenture_Human_Impact_of_Data_Literacy.pdf

    The report highlights how leaders can boost data literacy in their workforces to increase productivity – including arming employees with the tools they need to use data as required and meet business goals.

    We also have lots of free e-learning courses and resources available on the Data Literacy Project site, which could be a great place to start. More than a third of employees think that data literacy training would make them more productive so it’s clear there’s definitely appetite to upskill. 

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